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‘The future of retail relies on the shifting sands of consumer technologies, keeping up with the trends will dictate any retailer’s success.’- Simon Banks (Director of Merchant Service, Paypal Australia).

At the moment, Xero offers the opportunity to spend less time working on the books and more time on growing your retail business. Xero integrates with 48 different ‘add-ons’. Those ecosystem add-ons focus on three aspects:

• Point of Sale - automatically sync your sales data into Xero
• Inventory - make managing inventory and orders easy in real-time
• eCommerce - spend more time growing your online store and less time managing your finances.

Do you want to find out more about Xero ecosystems? CMS Strategic invites you to attend our seminar (20th October 16:00 pm @ Level 4, 190 Flinders Street, Adelaide) which helps you to find out how your business can streamline processes and increase productivity leading to time savings, cost savings and improved accessibility and functionality.

Topics covered:
- Xero ecosystems
- Cloud software
- Streamlining your bookkeeping
- Introduction to Class Super

Please register your attendance for free at:

If you can’t attend our seminar, the following Xero video - ‘A Day in the Life of a Retail Business’ is using a day in the life scenario. You'll see the workflow of a store and how one business owner addressed pressing needs through Vend and Deputy. These solutions start with seamless, synced data across applications – which delivers time savings in Xero.

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