Talk to us to understand how tax, strategy and super can help you achieve your goals faster

Whether you’re an employer, self-employed or an employee we all have one common goal which is to ensure we have a comfortable retirement and get to enjoy the benefits that we have worked so hard for.

Accordingly, maximising your benefits is a really important goal for everyone and superannuation will generally be the most important tool you can use to build your wealth. 


Given this you would assume that most people have a strong understanding of how super works and how it can benefit them, but our common experience is that super is still an often misunderstood product and the benefits and opportunities it offers are often not known or actively avoided. 

Superannuation and superfunds come in many different forms and can mean many different things to different people.  At CMS we not only understand the different types of funds that are available to use but how you can also get the most out of them to maximise the benefits for your retirement plan or indeed how to use them as part of your ongoing strategic planning to assist in building your business and wealth.



Self-Managed Superfunds (SMSF’s), Retail Funds and Industry Funds are the three major types of funds most people will hold their super in.

In conjunction with our financial planning team we can help you decide which type is best for you, what insurances you should hold and how you can maximise your wealth in accordance with your preferred level of risk and exposure.



For those who have chosen the SMSF route, you require an adviser who can assist you in the day to day administration and ensure your annual compliance requirements including the audit of the fund are adhered to.

Our motto with super is to make the difficult simple and to help you understand the benefits and opportunities super can provide.

At CMS we work with our SMSF clients in the preparation of their accounts, ensure compliance with the SIS regulations, assist with strategy and financial planning and ensure your funds are audited and compliant.

We provide you with the peace of mind of knowing you are compliant which allows you to get on with what you do best.


For most people superannuation is a set and forget retirement plan where your employer contributes the minimum amounts each year to your nominated fund and you cross your fingers and hope it will grow sufficiently to provide enough funds for you to retire on.

However, at CMS we believe in setting goals and making plans to achieve your retirement objectives. We can work with you to help define your goals, work out what you will need and then assist you in developing plans and strategies to achieve them.



Having more wealth in retirement generally provides a better outcome than having less. Ultimately wealth is a function of returns less costs and therefore great strategy works both levers to maximise your savings.

One of the major benefits of super is that costs such as taxation are lower than any other investment environment. But to also increase returns superfunds can access other common strategic planning tools such as negative gearing.

The government also provides incentives to encourage family businesses to invest into their businesses via super.  These incentives can help you reach your savings targets more quickly and efficiently.

At CMS we understand which levers to pull to maximise your wealth and to achieve your goals.