Welcome to CMS Strategic Automotive Advisors

You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. In fact choosing a trusted advisor is a bit like choosing your very best friend, your husband or wife. Choose well and good things happen. Choose poorly and it ends up a big mess with financial ramifications that could last just as long.

CMS Strategic Automotive Advisors are a bespoke accounting, financial and business advisory service for SA based family automotive retailers. We are proudly to be:


Adelaide Based

servicing you right at your dealership

Focused on Family Business

aligning family and business

Specialists in Auto Retail

we’re on your side exclusively

A Bespoke Business Advisory Service

we engineer your business for performance

We partner with clients to help them achieve and maintain a ranking within the top 10% of dealers nationally by return on sales

Unique Benefits Our Customers Can Count On

Whilst it’s true you can’t choose your family, CMS Strategic Automotive Advisors promise to deliver a well-defined plan that places the culture, values and goals of the family business on the same plane as that of the business.


Personalised face to face contact and attention

Client partnership that is responsive, attentive, sensitive and discernibly proactive not reactive

New insights into the needs of your family business both for today and tomorrow

Holistic offerings for top performance at value for money price


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It’s the problem of too few good women. Watch our latest video and in two short minutes get your head around the key issues.