The role of the audit division is to provide an efficient and effective audit service to its clients.

This service is at the forefront of technical and legislative excellence with significant resources committed to the quality of the audits and the training of audit personnel. An important part of the service is to foster open and honest communication with clients to give them an understanding of the purpose of our procedures and assist them to steadily improve their financial systems; which will not only assist us but also provide the client with reliable management information.

Our audit division provides the following services:



The objective of an audit is to be able to express an opinion on certain information provided to a user, whether this is a statutory financial report, an acquittal statement, other statutory report or agreed upon procedures. This opinion is expressed within certain technical guidelines set by the Audit and Assurance Standards Board and it is important that users of Audit and Assurance Services understand the framework of the standards. Our commitment to our clients is to work collaboratively towards this objective.




Alternatively Internal Audit is a response to management’s own risk assessment of an organisation’s specific business profile. We can assist management in the analysis, identification, and documentation of that risk and the development of a plan to monitor and control risk in an efficient and effective manner.


Our due diligence process is designed to provide a clear and detailed review to allow an evaluation of the target business. It assists to identify all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and allow investment decisions to be made on an informed basis.


Many professional and consumer licencing obligations include the requirement to maintain a trust account for the benefit of the client. These accounts are then subject to audit under the relevant regulation within predetermined deadlines. We have experience in numerous regulated trust account audits and can share this to ensure a cost effective result.



We provide accounting support to our clients in situations of litigation in relation to both business and personal disputes assisting to prepare financial information for clients and their legal advisors.