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The Aged and Infirm Persons Property Act provides for a Court to issue a Protection Order in circumstances where the opinion of the Court is that it is necessary, in the interest of the person or of those dependent upon the person, that the person’s property should be protected as provided by the Act.

The Court will appoint a Legal Manager to administer the estate of the protected person.  CMS Private Advisory principals have been appointed Legal Manager to Protected Estates since the mid-1980s.


With many years’ experience dealing with all the everyday issues associated with the management of a Protected Estate, our team is committed to making life as easy as possible for the protected person.

Unique Benefits Our Customers Can Count On

Invest and manage your damages award. Our charges are on a fee for service basis

Help you provide for daily living allowing for any special needs

Access to a network of service providers for personal care, home maintenance, real estate, travel, vehicle and other personal services

Access to specialist legal, investment and insurance advice