Evolution of Memory Storage


Isn’t it interesting to see the evolution of Memory Storage. As the decades have gone by the size of the memory storage device has decreased and the size of the memory storage has drastically increased.

• It all started with Inventor, S. Korsakov first creating the Punch Card in the 1830’s
• 120 years later and we moved to Magnetic Tape in the mid 1900’s
• It took another 70 years to progress to the creation of the Floppy Disc in the 1970’s
• Some 20 years later and the 1990’s brought us the Compact Disc (CD) – how revolutionary!
• We then moved quickly with a big jump in technology advancement to the invention of the USB & SD card in
the very early 2000’s (that stands for Universal Serial Bus and Secure Digital cards – don’t worry, we
didn’t know what they stood for either!).
• Now, in the year 2016, we have well and truly leaped into the world of Cloud storage (the next evolution
of the internet)

The cloud is where you put all your data, all your files and even your software so you can access it all from any computer or device, anywhere, anytime. Whether you know it or not you are already using the cloud through email, online banking, social media, Netflix, Youtube and the list goes on.

The rapid improvement of storage devices through reduction in size and increase in volume coupled with decreased cost and increased accessibility has picked up pace very quickly. Most of our children wouldn’t know what a Floppy Disk was! What will be next???

Technology advancements have now become mainstream and expected and technology moves quickly. It is quite easy to be using outdated technology in your business that you may have implemented a few years ago, but if you don’t keep up with the digital disruption then you will be left behind and we can assure you that your competitors are keeping up to try to find a competitive advantage.

CMS Strategic | Cloud Solutions is well versed on current technologies that can help your business. Why not contact us today to find out more so you don’t get left behind!

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