Introduction To Protected Estates

Ian McFarlane is one of the founding partners of CMS. Accounting and business advice has been the mainstay of his professional career as one might expect of a Chartered Accountant, Tax Agent and Registered Company Auditor.

However, Ian has over many years been a trusted adviser to a number of clients in a very elemental sense of the word. Since 1988, Ian has looked after the needs of clients for whom a Protection Order has been issued under the Aged and Infirm Persons Property Act.

What this means is much more than the financial compliance needs of the Protected Estate is managed by Ian and his proficient administrator and team of accountants. They look after the accommodation, transport, health care and well-being and financial aspects of everyday life for clients, who are unfortunately not able to do so for themselves. This means finding carers, ancillary health care providers, home and vehicle maintenance suppliers and assisting the client on a day-to-day basis to manage their affairs. Ian has also assisted clients building and selling houses and even supported them through family law separations. Whilst Protection Orders usually hand control to the Legal Manager, Ian’s approach has always been to collaborate with the client and their family who, in many cases, play a vital support role.

One of the most important responsibilities is managing the means of the client by prudent investment to ensure that as far as possible funds are available to support their livelihood. Ian has a keen interest in the investment market and has a ready network of advisers which has resulted in prudent investment to the benefit of clients. Internal controls and procedure management are carefully maintained.

With many years’ experience dealing with all the everyday issues associated with the management of a Protected Estate, Ian and his team is committed to making life as uncomplicated as possible for the protected person.

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