Cloud Technology

It’s no secret that Cloud ecosystems are having a major impact  on all businesses and industries, especially Hospitality.

There are many benefits from adopting Cloud Technology into your business, such as reducing IT costs as well as accessibility of information and giving you time back.

Here are what we believe to be the 8 benefits of cloud computing for the hospitality industry;

  1. Reduction of  IT costs, allowing you to reallocate your investment to other priorities – The Cloud ecosystem is extremely affordable, timely and automated, no need for expensive accounting packages, hardware and spending hours and hours reconciling the books. With apps like Kounta and the use of ALBERT Eftpos tablet it makes running a hospitality business extremely efficient.
  2. Respond to new opportunities quickly, allowing you to introduce new menus faster, open new locations faster and for less – With the cloud you will be equipped to make informed decisions with timely and relevant information to allow you to snap up those opportunities. Can you currently track your bestselling item? What if you increased the price? The cloud can allow you to utilise your capacity and increase your success.
  3. Reduce the cost, time and impact of technology upgrades going forward – Gone are the days of desktop computer systems, having a cloud system in place means that all your accounting programs are updated automatically, with no down time for your business.
  4. Maintain consistency throughout your business, leading to reduced training and greater flexibility of your team – With automated procedures in place there is less training required for administration tasks. In some cases mundane tasks can be removed altogether with Cloud Technology. Timesheets and payroll can cause grief to any business but with the use of Deputy these reduces the pressure.
  5. Collect valuable data that will allow you to make better business decisions – The Cloud provides you with constant up to date financial information so you can make decisions now, rather than in a years’ time when your Financial Statements are prepared.
  6. Provide a better service to your customers, while reducing your staff turnover – Less time spent working IN the business allows you to work ON the business, enriching those key relationship with customers making you their ‘go-to’.
  7. More easily compliant with industry standards and regulations – Having automated wage rates and superannuation guarantee in the system makes your obligations easy!
  8. Improve your data security and protect your brand – The security that the cloud provides is imperative to all businesses. From two step authentication to encrypted passwords, you can be sure that your data is safe in the Cloud with a trusted provider.

Whatever stage of your business lifecycle you are in, there are always ways you can integrate the cloud into your business. Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help your business today.



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