From time to time we hear horror stories of people who have not prepared Wills, dying intestate. This can result in an expensive exercise for an Administrator to settle the estate.

Wills should be reviewed regularly, something like every 5 years is recommended. In particular when getting married, divorced and with changes in family circumstances such as sudden death with close relatives who benefit from a Will. Always seek legal advice to make sure you have a valid & binding Will and to assist in avoiding challenges by aggrieved family members.

There are circumstances where a person may need the assistance of the court to prepare their Will. In these circumstances legal advice must be obtained to guide the Will instructions correctly.

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Enduring Power of Attorney

Enduring Powers of Attorney are used by people (the donor) who need someone (the donee) to intervene in looking after their financial affairs because they are unable to do so themselves. It is an important part of planning for the orderly conduct of the donor affairs. A power of Attorney ceases on death.

We recommend putting one in place to guard against the unexpected and the link below should explain a bit more.


Always consult your solicitor.

Advanced Care Directives

It is not always a conversation that we have amongst family members, but letting your loved ones know what medical treatment you would like to receive in the event you are not making the decision is important. Advanced Care Directives have been in use since 2014 to document future healthcare wishes.

Follow the link to be better informed on this legal document and consider speaking to your lawyer.


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